Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wow Almost a Year....

Status update? I now have four Level 100 toons - my main, Mystrinixx the BM hunter; my main alt, Dissonantia the Enhancement Shaman; my main Horde toon, Fleurdelice the Demonology Warlock; and my main Horde alt, Mystrasza the BM hunter (surprise!). I also have a Retribution Paladin that's around Level 85 right now and started making her way through Pandaria last night:)

I took several months off over the winter, got myself a PS4 around Christmastime, and have dabbled in that a bit. Other than that, been doing some writing, hibernating, and now back on WoW again. My time in WoW seems to have coincided partly with the new season of Game of Thrones (dragons, knights, dwarves, wargs (worgs)...puts me in the mood, I guess;) as well as anticipation of both the upcoming Warcraft movie AND the new expansion to follow this summer (Legion! Woo!).

Will try to post updates more often:)