Monday, April 13, 2015

Of Archaeology, Beautiful Art, and the Guildiest Guild

I finally got my shaman through Tanaan and started on her garrison. She's at 91 now. I really don't know how people can rush through content the way they do, and I think it's probably a lot of the reason so many people are complaining about the lack of content in WoD...they rush through as fast as they can so they can level all their alts and, frankly, I think they get burnt out. Which isn't really Blizzard's fault...

I spend most of my time on my main (Mystrinixx, the hunter). She's the one I get most of the achievements on; she's the first one to get to level cap, etc. She's the one I do all the archaeology on, and I've been spending a lot of time on that lately. The problem I have with archaeology is that I sometimes get distracted ("Ooo! Shiny!") while I'm surveying digsites. Take last night, for instance: one of the digsites in Shadowmoon Valley (in Draenor) is in Shimmer Moor, which is a super super super beautiful place! So beautiful, in fact, that I find myself getting lost in all that gorgeous goodness and snapping screenshots and forgetting about my archaeology. Here are just a few of the glorious shots I got last night... [click them for a larger view]

The music is peaceful, the scenery is amazing. I just can't help myself, and I get lost in it. I zone out and find myself wishing I could stay there forever LOL! 

The same thing happened when I was in Outlands. It brought back memories of the leveling I did there - in old Nagrand, Zangarmarsh. And in Northrend, especially in Storm Peaks.

Nagrand, Outlands
Nagrand, Outlands
Storm Peaks, Northrend
You can see more images on my Flickr page.

The Blizzard forums are full of people complaining about the fact that there's no flying in Draenor, but to be honest, I haven't found it all that bad. The only time I find it frustrating is in Spires of Arak because that place is literally like a damn maze! Other than that, it's been nice to be "grounded" and take my time running around and exploring. When I feel the urge to soar, I hearth to Shrine of the Seven Stars in Pandaria and either do some questing/archaeology/etc. there or take a portal to Azeroth. 

Now that my shaman is through the WoD starter quests, I've started building her garrison and spend a little bit of time on her working on getting her closer to 100. The other night, while I was questing, Pathrunner spawned. Pathrunner is one of several rare spawns that drops a mount. I've spent a lot of time on my main looking for Pathrunner, and BOOM, there he was! I immediately logged to my hunter and ran like hell to get over to where he was, hoping that nobody else had already taken him down. I put a call out in General chat that Pathrunner was up and asked if anyone wanted to join me (he drops a mount for everyone who participates in taking him down, grouped or not). There were no takers, which was unusual, but it was a weeknight... When I got to where he was, the only one there was a Level 93 dwarf, don't remember what class. I told him nobody else had replied to me and said, "Ok, let's do this!" I don't know how hard Pathrunner is at 93 (which is why I switched to my 100), but he gave me a big THANK YOU!!!! afterwards as he rode off on his new mount:) That felt pretty good:)

Things are awesome with the new guild. It's the guildiest guild I've ever been in, and I'm getting more comfortable with joining them for events. I was disappointed that I missed their FLEX raid last night because we'd gone out to dinner and got home after they'd already started. Next time!!! Things are very laid back, a few of the members are "used-to-be-hardcore" players who wanted a more relaxed atmosphere in WoW, so at least there are people who know how to run the groups, but nobody gets pissy if things go wrong. There's no pressure at all to top charts or be geared "just right," etc. I've done some dungeons and gotten some good feedback, so I'm feeling more confident:) Of course, it helps that BM hunters are OP right now, or at least it doesn't hurt LOL! Sooo different from when I left. And it's good that I know how to play my class anyway. I was so proud of myself that I didn't stand in bad shit at least LOL! Though I did forget to turn off growl on one dungeon (oops!). 

Anyway, so that's that. In the real world, the weather if FINALLY starting to improve. It's up and down right now - 30's this morning when I got up, should be in the high 60s/low 70s later this week. We had a dusting of snow one night last week. I'll be glad when it's at least in the high 60s. I'm done with winter, and my sinuses and achey knees are done with the fluctuating barometric pressure!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Official!

So I am officially a member of the Embervale guild now, woo! My two-week trial period ended at midnight last night, and I was upgraded to Citizen. They are a great group of people and have made me feel so welcome! I keep saying that it's the guildiest guild I've ever been in; it is what I have always thought a guild would be. They have fun events, dungeon groups, outside-WoW events (movie nights, Cards Against Humanity nights, etc.). So so so glad I found them!! They are exactly what I was missing!

The dungeon leveling group I joined was supposed to start last night, but one of the members was ill so we have postponed the start date to next week. So last night some guildies wanted to do some normal Draenor dungeons and were looking for members, so I offered to go as long as they didn't mind that I (a) didn't know the fights and (b) haven't been in a dungeon in three years. I think the fact that this is my first time playing without "friends" has me a bit anxious. 

When I played before, I always had two friends that I played with, and I never really ventured into dungeons without them in my ear. 

Now I'm sort of on my own and, while I know I know what I'm doing, there's still a part of me that is so afraid of screwing up. I was a little bit stressed at first, so unsure of what I was doing, but about halfway through the first dungeon (Shadowmoon Burial Grounds), they were saying "Don't know why you were so afraid of doing dungeons; you're doing AWESOME!" and at the end of the second one, someone posted the recount in guild chat and I was #2 in dps. I think that's pretty good because I'm almost certain I'm less geared than the others (I'd have to be since most of my gear is just from apexis dailies and questing. I still have a couple of 600 pieces). The tank even said, "You can come on runs with me anytime! You were great!" Soooo...big confidence booster last night! Yay!

Wes is still playing, and it looks like he's going to stick around. He actually is liking his shaman much more than the warlock he was playing first. That's pretty cool since my main alt is a 90 enh shaman, so I can at least give him some help if he needs it:) Well. Unless he decides to heal (or tank? Can shamans tank? I don't even know!). The closest I come to tanking is vicariously through my hunter pet and healing through Mend Pet LOL! I have no problem tossing a Spirit Mend on an ally, but that's the extent of my "healing" - I'm perfectly happy just shooting things! XD

I finally finally FINALLY got my Archaeology to 700! Woo! Got some great stuff to send to my shaman too! I had no idea that archaeology dropped BoA gear, so at least once I get her through Tanaan, she'll have a decent axe or mace (I think I sent one of each to her) to start with in Draenor:) 

I also got some - er, strange? - items to display in my Trophy Room. One is a statue of an ogre holding a leatherhide bull over his head... Last night, I got "Pristine Stone Dentures"... Like I said, strange LOL! Now I need to find a decent archaeology guide and see what other neat things I can get. I think there are pets and mounts I could get, and I'm a sucker for those things especially! Fossilized raptor? Yeah, I want that BAD! My bodyguard of choice right now is Leorajh, and that's what he rides, so it would be awesome to ride around Draenor on similar mounts:) I swear, between Leo and my pet, I'm like a one-draenei army - tank (pet), healer (Leo), and damage. Woo woo!

I'm in "screenshot mode" a lot lately too, so check out my latest pics on Flickr! I love taking shots in WoW. The artwork they've put into the game can be so incredible and sometimes breathtaking! Seriously, just look at this! This is Frostfire Ridge in Draenor:) So beautiful! [click images for a larger view]