Thursday, June 18, 2015

Flying in Draenor

So apparently, all the people complaining about not being able to fly in Draenor have gotten Blizzard's attention, and they've decided to implement flying after the Tanaan Jungle patch (6.2), which is being released on June 23. In order to fly, you'll need to complete the Draenor Pathfinder achievement. 

Now to be honest, I wasn't really missing flying that much. I mean, there are other zones in WoW where you can't fly...and I have a lot of really cool new ground mounts anyway! To me, Draenor was just another one of those. But seeing all the whiny posts on the Blizzard forums, it seems that a lot of people claimed it ruined the entire game for them, that it made their flying mounts useless and a waste of time and money. There's like 90% of the game content where you can still use your flying mounts, so I didn't see how any of my flying mounts were useless or a waste of money. But whatever. It makes the game more fun for people, I guess, and it will be nice to be able to see the zone from above:)

I was almost afraid to look at the Draenor Pathfinder requirements, figuring it's just another grind I'll have to do, but I was pleasantly surprised. The only daily I have to complete is Assault on the Pit (for the Securing Draenor portion), and there's only one more area of Frostfire Ridge I need to visit to complete the Explore Frostfire Ridge part of the Explore Draenor portion. Master Treasure Hunter says it's complete, but that's going to change with the patch, so I think I have a few more treasures to find to officially complete that one. All of these are things I can knock out before the patch is even released, so once it's out, the only thing I'll need to do to enable flying will be the three reputations that you need to get to revered. Woo! 

I haven't been playing WoW all that much lately. I've been focused more on my genealogical research (found some pirates in my family tree, arrr!), so I've only been logging into WoW a couple of times a week. I got the Emerald Hippogryph mount from the Recruit-A-Friend thing I did with my friend Wes, so that was cool. 

I also bought the Mystic Runesaber from the Blizzard store. I had been waiting for that one, OMG! No freakin' way I could pass up a purple kitty!!!! Seriously, check this thing out:) The pictures do NOT do it justice, though;)


  1. You don't need to complete Master Treasure Hunter. Just 100 treasures needed, and there's no achievement for it.

  2. Yup, I checked when I got home and had 112 treasures. I think the patch notes indicated that Master Treasure Hunter will now be for 100 treasures and a new one will be for 200 treasures. In either case, I'm good to go! I finished the other things, so all I have to do after the patch tomorrow is work on the reps! Woo!