Monday, February 23, 2015

Like Coming Home

So now I've been back in WoW a little over a month. My hunter's at Level 100, and I've been doing my apexis dailies to get my gear up. I'm consistently getting Silver on my garrison invasions (yay, solo even;) I could probably easily get Gold if I brought a group in to help me, but it's actually kinda fun to try to hit Gold on my own.

I started leveling my shaman this weekend in Pandaland. She's at Level 89 right now. Stupidly (or not so stupidly), I missed a quest that would send me to the next leveling area, but it's mostly because I am enjoying the quest lines LOL! That's why I say "not so stupidly." The story is fun and different. I haven't made enough gold to buy flying training for Pandaria yet, and frankly, I'm not really that concerned with it. Haha, especially since mounts are account-wide now, and I'm having a blast running around on my raptor mounts:P My hunter can fly in Pandaland; my shaman can just use ground mounts until I feel like grinding gold with her;)

It's taking me a bit to get reaccustomed to my shaman's rotation, especially since things have changed so much. Meh, I have played my hunter so much that I can fire off her rotation blindfolded. With my shaman, I haven't quite got the key binding right. I also know I had an addon that gave me an action bar for my totems, but I'll be damned if I can find it:( So at some point, I have to sit down and make some macros. Some of the spells have changed too, so finding the right rotation has been a pain in the ass. I tried following the rotations I've been finding on sites online, but then when I try things in a different sequence, I find myself one-shotting mobs...which makes me think I need to use a different rotation than what they're recommending. Maybe it's just a trinket or something that I have, I don't know. Sometimes following the "rules" is overrated;)

I got the "bone-white primal raptor" on my hunter. I actually like the green one better LOL! The second primal egg I looted ended up being another green one, so I went off to the Isle of Giants and killed mobs until another egg dropped. Two days to go on that one. It took me awhile, but at least the bones sell decently on the auction house:)

Still having fun, even without flying in Draenor and without flying in Pandaland on my shaman:)

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