Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On a Mission

From the Bard:
If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?
Tonight I committed an act of revenge...for old times' sake. When I played WoW several years ago, some friends and I were questing in Hellfire Peninsula, we were often haunted by (and sent running by) the quaking ground as a high-level mob called Fel Reaver made his way around the area.

Tonight I was in Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge doing some pet battle leveling. All the lava and parched ground got me thinking about Hellfire Peninsula and going into a panic when we heard Fel Reaver coming or - worse - when we realized too late that he was coming and he killed us.

I flew to Stormwind, and from there took the portal to Hellfire Peninsula. And in the distance...I spied him.

The ground shook, and I prepared myself. For some reason, all these years later, he didn't look as big as he once did...but when I say the ground shook, I mean the ground shook. It rumbled, and on my screen, the ground shook with every step he took. He didn't look as big from my vantage point, but he was still intimidating.

So I flew over him a few times, then I swooped in for the kill, landing a short distance away from him, and then...

Sadly, I was able to one-shot him. He doesn't seem so frightening anymore. It still felt good to kill that thing, though. Bastard. That's for all those times you scared the shit out of us.

On another note, today was Patch Day in WoW, my first in three years. Not a huge patch, just a few fixes, some buffs, and some changes to some items. But still...

There was rejoicing. And dancing. And the usual crowd around some of the NPC's. This is in Iron Forge at the heirloom vendor.

Still enjoying the game. My shaman is now at 90, she's at the Dark Portal on the edge of Draenor. My hunter's garrison is Tier 3 now, and I have one more Apexis Daily to do (which I should be doing now, but I think I'll just wait until tomorrow night) to start my next set of gear (ilvl 645, I think?). Still haven't ventured into dungeons yet:\ From the sound of it, I'd be sitting in a queue with about a million other dps waiting for a group anyway, so I'm not missing much at this point.

Big thing this expac is "hunters are OP!!!" Which simply means that a LOT of people are rolling hunters right now. Ha! I think this latest patch actually puts BM and SV above MM, with BM being spec of choice for some instances and SV for others. Not by a lot, mind you; from what I've been reading, Blizzard finally seems to have the three specs pretty balanced. Now they just have to balance all the other classes so they won't be whining about hunters so much:(

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