Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What the....?

I've been on the WoW forums a lot lately, mostly when I'm on lunch at work, and there are a LOT of posts about people quitting because there's no flying in Draenor. On the one hand, people complain that there's nothing to do in the WoD expac. On the other hand, they complain that because they can't fly in Draenor, they just sit in their garrisons and do nothing because they don't feel like using a ground mount to get where they want to go. So I'm confused. Is there no content? Or is there content...but they just don't want to be bothered to do it because - QQ - they'd have to take a flight path to get to it? I see words like "tedious" being used...and a lot of whining about how LONG it takes to get anywhere on a ground mount...then in the next sentence they're saying there's nothing to do (tedious or not?) and that Draenor is WAY too small (but a flight path "takes too long!"). I wish people would make up their damn minds.

I am actually having a blast. The latest patch came with a stone to boost one battle pet to Level 25. That was a lifesaver, especially for someone who didn't play Pandaland and missed the whole battle pet craze. It was maddening because our garrisons come with a ready-made pet menagerie building that was "locked" until you defeated three Level 25 pets. You want to talk about tedium? Considering I had no clue how to go about leveling pets up to 25 without flying all over the place, boosting one to Level 25 (I chose Chuck the crocodile) made it at least bearable. Using him, I was able to take a couple of other pets, stick them in a fight for one round, then put him in to win and level the other two up pretty easily. Once I realized that captured pets retained the level they were caught at, well it became a bit easier. So right now, I've got...I think (since the Armory is down)...seven or eight Level 25 pets. Once I hit the teens with them, I head to Pet Battle Level 20+ zones to get them the rest of the way. Along the way, I capture all the blue (epic) pets I can. And I continue the quests from Audrey Burnhep in Stormwind. Tonight I'll defeat the last of the Battle Masters in Northrend.

Other than that, I'm doing the garrison missions and invasions, continuing Yrel's quests. She is by far my favorite WoW character now (well, other than my own toons:) In last week's quest, she became the newest Exarch. But the battle pet leveling has been a hoot and has given me an opportunity to visit a lot of the places I loved when I was leveling my toons when I first started playing. Haha, I also have been soloing some of the old dungeons and raids - like Karazahn and the Wymrest instances (got the black drake). I did finally get my red primal raptor mount, so I've got all of those now (red, black, green, and the bone-white one!). Woo! The red one, same EXACT coloring of my devilsaur Skittles, is my favorite and has actually got me running around Azeroth and Draenor with Skittles again:)

I've sorta left my shaman sitting in the Tanaan Jungle with Khadgar because I don't feel like going through all those WoD starter quests again right now. Maybe this weekend! I have a couple of more pet families I need to level up, so that I'll have one of each at least, and that's the sort of brainless fun I am in the mood for right now:)

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