Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Yesterday was "reset" day. I guess it's something to look forward to on Tuesdays! See, at work, Tuesday is my worst day of the week because I have meetings all afternoon (being the secretary, I get to sit in a roomful of doctors going on and on and on about things that I barely understand and take minutes on it all. Not fun). So I look forward to going home after work and hitting up old raids and dungeons on my quest for MORE STUFF!!!

I find myself doing the two in Uldum first, hoping for some dragon mounts. So after I did those (no mounts, but I did score a couple of battle pets), I headed to Karazahn and...

I also had put in "adoption requests" over at the Azeroth Adoption Agency and those came through too! AAA is a Horde guild on the Bladefist realm that takes donations of battle pets and "adopts" them out to people who want them. Basically, you create a Level 1 toon on their server, request membership to their guild (via their web site), then you can donate pets to them or request pets from their guild bank tabs. I got the Anubisath Idol, Pandaren Air Spirit (that was the only one I was missing!), and Egbert. Woo! I had donated a bunch too - 2 or 3 of each of the Zandalari dino pets, a stitched pup, and I think a doom bloom. So it was a pretty even trade for me:)

I also did the last three dungeons for the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement (King of Dire Maul, Lower Blackrock Spire, and Scholomance). So it was a good night!

Talked to one of my guildies last night about how dead the guild is. The whole reason I'd joined was because the WoW forum post said the guild would be becoming more active. So far, it's just two or three people ever on at one time, usually me and the person I was talking to last night. He brought up the deadness of the guild first, so I told him about another guild I've been watching that has planned events, etc., but that their recruitment is currently closed. He said to keep him posted and maybe we'd guild hop LOL! It's nice playing solo, but it would also be nice to have some friends to play with. I still haven't done much leveling on my Horde toon on my friends' server, but...well, someday LOL! When I run out of things to do on my Alliance toons maybe...

I've gone a little crazy with the pet battles LOL! I have 27 pets at Level 25 now. Check it out! And I'm only JUST starting to comprehend the "breed" thing and realizing that two of the same exact pet can have completely different stats and a completely different set of abilities! AND that they have genders...because Blizzard mentioned the possibility of eventually adding a breeding aspect to the game. Ha. Pokemon takes over WoW? Now that I've got the hang of pet battles, it's pretty easy to level them up.

Oh! And I almost forgot! I didn't realize that two more netherwing drakes had been added, so I headed over to Silvermoon Valley (the old one) and bought them and BOOM!

Anyway, so that's my update for now. Back to the grind (work!); lunch is over:(

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