Monday, March 30, 2015

Archaeologist and Class Snobbery

So I spent most of my time in WoW this weekend leveling my archaeology up from the 200s to the 600s. Still a bit more to go to reach 700. I was spoiled up until 600...because I could pretty much let my pet take care of any mobs that hit me (since they did little to no damage to me). When I hit around 575, I hearthed back to my garrison and headed out into Draenor, where the mobs are all my level now. So I can't let my pet take out the mobs for me anymore LOL! Now I'm getting why people are bitching about the lack of flying in Draenor making archaeology a pain in the ass. Still not really missing flying, though. Truthfully, I find it sort of a pain in the ass to keep getting on and off a mount to get from one survey spot to another in a dig site. Even in Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands, and Northrend I wasn't mounting and dismounting when I was surveying.

My friend Wes has been playing the starter edition and I'd decided to level another hunter from the draenei starting zone - hence the "class snobbery" in the post title. It's not so much snobbery as just class preference. I love playing a hunter, and I play it well. My new guild has dungeon leveling groups, and I've joined one that starts on April 1. Wes rolled a shaman and we were sitting at Level 7. So Sunday afternoon I realized that April 1 is this Wednesday (no idea why I thought it was next Sunday!!!), and I need to get my toon to Level 15 before then! Yikes! I haven't leveled a toon since I got back, so I didn't really realize how much they'd nerfed it, and especially with heirlooms, it didn't take me long to get her to Level 15. Now I just have to pick up some gear from the auction house since we won't be using heirlooms in the dungeon group.

I can't wait to start the dungeon group. I have a new headset coming from Amazon which is supposed to be delivered on Wednesday, so hopefully I'll have that in time so I can talk to the other members in Mumble while we're in the dungeon(s).

Anyway, so that was my weekend (in WoW anyway). IRL we got more snow on Saturday, and it's snowing again today (Monday). I've had enough. It's almost April ffs. I'm ready for spring!


  1. Why won't you be using Heirlooms in Dungeon groups? Seems reasonable to me to use them. Also, yes, Archeology is a pain in Draenor because of no flying.

  2. Actually not really sure why we won't be using Heirlooms. Just preferences, I guess? I'm new to the guild, so I will just do what they want to do:)