Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Go away, snow!

More pet battling last night. I have 10 pets at Level 25 now. I was severely lacking in variety when I went to start doing the Cataclysm pet battle quests. So I figured out what I needed (magic and mechanical mainly, though I should level a humanoid pet too), so hopefully tonight I can knock out those quests and head to the next area. Still loving it LOL! I thought I'd hate it, but it's pretty fun trying to figure out strategies to defeat other pets. It's also fun capturing new ones too, which is where some of my Level 25 pets have come from. 

Oh, and here's a picture of my red primal raptor mount, along with a cameo by Skittles:) Unless I'm doing my apexis dailies, Skittles is running around WoW with me. 

I've tried using him for the apexis dailies, but I've found Junior (spirit beast Loque'nahak) is better for his buffs. Skittles works well for the <100 mobs, but for Level 100 mobs, especially elites, the spirit beasts are definitely a boost.

With my garrison and most of my buildings at Level 3, I love logging in and seeing my favorite battle pets running around all over the place from the menagerie LOL! Same with the stables - seeing a random assortment of my favorite mounts is pretty awesome:) I wish Blizzard would hurry up and release the damn mystic runesaber mount in the shop that they announced with the 6.1 patch:( I wants a purple kitty mount!!!!!!! I check the shop every day, but still nothing. And no word from Blizz on when it's coming out! C'mon, Blizzard, TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY ALREADY!

Not really a great shot of my stable, but you can see some of my mounts there - the vitreous stone drake, my green proto drake, my armored brown bear, the meadowstomper, and the very back end of my enchanted fey dragon. Haha, sometimes I run around and /pet them;) Yes, I'm a dork; but I'm a lovable dork. 

Come spring, we'll see what happens. Right now, there are six-foot snow drifts outside and it's been damn cold out, so here in New England, we are essentially in hibernation mode. When I come home from work, the last thing I want to do is head back out in the cold:(

Meantime, in "real life," my favorite hamburger/ice cream stand opens tomorrow night. In protest against Mother Nature, we're going. And dammit, I'm having a burger and a damn ice cream. With jimmies on top. Snow or no snow!

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